Pelosi: Trump’s ‘Idiotic’ Behavior Won’t Stop Us from Getting Mueller Report, Tax Returns | Breitbart

Thursday at her weekly press briefing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) predicted Congress would get both the report assembled by special counsel Robert Mueller and President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

On the Mueller Report, Pelosi said, “Let me just say, the Mueller report will be released.”

She added, “I think they should release the report. That’s where the evidence is, the information is. Let’s see the report. If they don’t have anything to hide, they shouldn’t worry. If they don’t have any concern about their taxes, they shouldn’t be worried about releasing their tax returns.”

On the president’s tax returns Pelosi said, “The law is very clear. The law says, and I’ll read it to you, the law says that upon written request from the chairman the Committee on Ways and Means, or the chairman of the Finance, or the chairman of the Joint Committee on Taxation, that would be either one of those other two, but anyway, the secretaries shall furnish—shall, not may, should, could—shall furnish such committee with any return or return information specified in such request.”

She added, “It just seems like every time you turn around there is another thing — the president saying wind power causes cancer. I associate myself with the remarks of Chairman Grassley. It’s an idiotic statement. So let’s rise to a level of presidential in all this. Show us the Mueller report. Show us the tax returns, and we’re not walking away just because you say no the first time around.”

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